Yamaha NZ FoF 3 - Entries NOW Open

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    EDIT: Entry form is now ONLINE

    Entries will open early tomorrow morning for the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride 3. We're starting the process now as the Christmas/New Year holiday season can often get in the way so get in early and make sure you're sorted.

    The only way to enter the NZ Festival of Freeride is by clicking the entry form link (when posted below). Entry is $100 pp and not only includes the required license fees to participate over the two days, but also a rider entry pack including event t-shirt and entry into any event prize draws. No entries will be taken through 3rd parties – you must fill out the entry form yourself. Once you have completed the entry form and submitted it you should receive an email to the address you provided. This is just to confirm we received your entry. If you cocked up your email address then you won’t get an email. May also pay to check your spam folder as well just after you’ve entered. If you don't receive an email please get in touch with us and we'll sort it out.

    We will email again later with payment instructions (usually within a couple of days). All entries must be paid for prior to the event before the cut off dates. You will need to use your name as payment reference. The dates for entries are as follows:

    Entries Open - Monday 24th November till Friday 30th January 2015
    All entries must be paid for by Wednesday February 4th 2015
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