X AIR and Freestyle Sports Open 2008!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by Whale, June 10, 2007.

  1. Whale

    Whale Member

    Anyone keen for Xair and Freestyle sports open next year 2008, I want to start working on this soon so we have a good show to put on next year.
    If we can get a ramp together wel have it there!!

    Let me know

  2. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    talked to brendan lately?
  3. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    I assume you would use drums / barrels to keep it a float?

    I can get all the 200 litre drums you need (they shud seal watertight)
  4. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    I may be able to hook you up with all the wood and everything you need ata cheap price as i work at bunnings warehouse......... I would have to get conformation but i am sure that i could swing it somehow. If i can hook you guys up u would be cost + 10% + gst so it would save you a fair amount... I will get back to you soon to see if this can be done
  5. Yeah I'd be keen to help out building a ramp. I got a heep of tools like welders and that sort of thing, not much wood-working stuff tho...
  6. SOX

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  7. Jet FiSH

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    I'm keen to help out!
  8. Tim

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    x-air 08

    Hey Whale,

    I have my boat back on the water, just need to work on some flat water tricks. give me a yell some time and we can work on planning for next year.