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    New out for 701 is Trim cables. These cables are a direct replacement for most popular trim systems that use a easy pull system. When designing this cable, not only i wanted it to outlast other cables on the market, but also be affordable, but my other plan was to make this cable so it could pass through the factory alloy water tubes in a Super Jet .Not aware of any other Trim cable that can do this. All you have to do to hook up a trim cable is unplug the siphon hose off the pump, feed the Trim cable through and hose clamp it to seal off. No need to pull your pump out, no need for super long drills etc. If the cable is going on a A/M hull, its supplied with sealing caps that will push over 12mm and 16mm tubes. Selling the cable kit for $99.00 AUD
    Now in stock and On-Line in the 701 Shop.

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