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    Now available for the X2 is the SuperFly seat. As with the B1 Superfly, its bad ass to look at, not bad to sit on, but its main mission is for tricks. Now all the seat grab tricks that can be done on the Blaster and Reaper can now be done on the X2. The SuperFly is a pressed Alloy chassis with a padded base and turfed side pieces. This is sold as a complete kit including a front watertight hatch and a hinged storage lid . The base and hatch lids come in a super tough black sapphire powdercoat. Simply remove existing seat clips and fit the lids and seat. All mounting hardware supplied. I have limited numbers in stock and are at a intro price with a reduced freight cost. Visit the 701 Industries On -Line Store to make your X2 into a freeriding tricked up beast. superfly X2 sf fit side.jpg
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