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    For those guys about to start putting their new hulls together and want to use new products, I have put together some kits to help you and to save you money. Check Stage #1 out and compare what else is on the market, you simply cant buy better.
    This Stage #1 kit gets your Battery secured , you just need to choose whether you want the straps or top Plate.
    Top Plates available in to sizes, either across the battery or down the length. not aware of any other battery box on the market that offers you so many options.
    The kit also comes with 7 Strap Clip ends. These Strap clips come complete with all the mounting Hardware.
    The kit also contains the worlds only coloured straps. Standard in the kit is 2 tanks straps, one long ,one short, 2 waterbox straps. These are OEM sizes but can swap them for other sizes if requested. Straps come in 8 different colours.
    This kit if bought separately would cost about $280.00 AUD plus freight.
    As a promotion, im going to sell these kits for $250.00 AUD to your door. I have put aside a limited number so once they are gone, so will the Free Freight.
    This kit is perfect for the any Krash , Superjet, Rickter and most all other A/M hulls.
    Stage #1 Build kit.jpg
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    I run these battery straps in my rickter.. They are legit and have great stretch qualities for big landings.. any body who wants to check them out before buying some lemme kno