ScottyRockers 95 SJ

Discussion in 'User's Rides and Builds' started by ScottyRocker, October 2, 2010.

  1. ScottyRocker

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    Finaly finished my Ski.. for now anyway. Been busy over the winter fixing various things, glassed over the stupid square nose hood vents and new paint. Big thanks to Korned Kustoms and Yamooha for lending a hand

    701 with mild port job
    Running slightly higher compression
    Lightened Flywheel
    46mm single carb (cheers redtro)
    Msd Enhancer
    Flow Control Valve
    New pistons
    Wet Wolf Cone
    Hooker Prop
    Alu Pump Duct
    Dual Bilges
    South Island Hand Warmer Mod
    Hoodstraps/polesaver/Engine keepers/ Dalusion Footholds/Polespring

  2. SOX

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    I like it man looking choice!
  3. B0000M

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    looks cool, simple and real effective
  4. Bake

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    looking good scotty
  5. ScottyRocker

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  6. freesoul

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    looking good...when we gonna hit the water mate??
  7. ScottyRocker

    ScottyRocker Member

    Im keen asap, rest of the boys are only starting their winter builds now...
  8. korned

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    don't you mean... "Billy's starting their winter builds now..." :lol:
  9. Bake

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    shouldn't you say Korned Kustoms?
  10. ScottyRocker

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    or that