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  1. DalusionFWX

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    Hi guys ,

    Now added 'text confirmation' to help eliminate spammers, when any new forum user registers they will be asked a very simple question to answer.....

    if for some reason you get it wrong and your email becomes blocked, send an email to and we'll try sort it out.


    ALSO - (ESPECIALLY HOTMAIL USERS) - Check your 'JUNK' folder if you don't seem to receive your confirmation email
  2. tofa

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    can you go and delete anyone without a location on there profile? that mite stop some of the spammers?
  3. tofa

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    yea i know man its as bad as when i surf for porn and me computer freeks out lol. good luck sorting it and when are we going to see you guys busting big again???
  4. DalusionFWX

    DalusionFWX Administrator Staff Member

    yea ive sent PM to all the users with no posts and 'questionable' email addys....any ones with obvious spammer email address's like russian ones etc ill just delete straight away.

    so if they dont reply to the PM they will be these spammers aint usually people ..just 'bots' that search out forums to spam.

    DIGGER Member

    Is there any way to put a verification code when people sign up? Sort of like when you sign up for a MSN Live ID?
  6. cypher

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    Hey Dalusion riders, Met Dax a while ago, had a chat with him tonight and he recommend joining the site, not a newbie to skiing, but at the stage, where I want to take it to the next level, looking at meeting up for a ride.
    And meeting up with some skilled riders, and learning a few things.
  7. knoxie

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    copied from an older post:


    Heres how to post a picture (using photobucket)

    1. Sign up for a photobucket account (its free)

    2. Log into photobucket, in upload section, choose your pic from you computer and upload.

    3. Once uploaded you will have a list of things next to the picture (see pic below)

    4. Copy the line of text in the 'IMG' box.

    5. when you are writing a message just paste that text in your message box (see pic below). make sure the 'Disable BBCode in this post' box is NOT ticked....then hit submit.


  8. Aquanob

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    We need to change that posting pics shit, we will look into changing it so you can upload direct from your camera and pc