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Discussion in 'Rides On' started by FreeStylin_SJ, June 10, 2007.

  1. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    Hey guys, is anyone keen on heading up north to mangawhai in early July for a ride? Ive never been there before, how ever i would imagine there would be some nice 1m swells that would roll in. If your interested post a reply and we will set a date?
    Cheers mat
  2. I'll give ya a call next time we headin up. Was up there for the long weekend, was mint as.
  3. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    how long does it take to mangawhai frm ur parents batch? my dad still wont let me hit up port waikato with you so im stuck on the east coast wooohoooo :( but hey its still better than nothing :)
  4. Yea guys we should definately get ride on at Maungawai in July. We'll get a camera out there so we can see some carnage. Excellent[/b]
  5. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    That would be mint having a camera out at mangawhai :)
  6. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    Hey man any chance you could get someone you know out there on your sitdown aswell for a camera boat?

    Capt White Sox!
    Dalusion team
  7. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    keen from tga

    yea mate would be keen as shit to hit some waves. post a date and maybe some directions for us out of towners. :D
  8. Whale

    Whale Member

    yep im keen sound like we could get a big crew up there. Mark did you know of somone that you can hire waterproof cameras off??
  9. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    Theres no way that my dad will let me take both our skis out to mangawhai :( I could however see if dwayne or karl wana come up for the day and be our camera boat... It will be so much fun if we get a decent amount of guys to hit mangawhai sometime in july :)
  10. Jet FiSH

    Jet FiSH Member

    Mangawhai would be Wicked :D
    However I'll have to see, as I rely on parents to take me to the water at the moment. :?
    Sounds rea;;y awsome though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :!:
  11. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    So is anyone else keen for a ride up to mangawai in early July? Dalusion fwx crew you guys should get in behind this so we can turn it into a really good day for all who come up....
  12. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    how long does it take to get to mangawai from auckland bridge?
  13. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    your probly looking at about 2 hours ............. i think
  14. 1-1.5hr depending on how fast you go and the route you take
  15. Vince

    Vince New Member

    Hey guys, I'd be keen to bring my camera platform (Seadoo RX).
    I'm also a keen sports photographer and will bring my nice Nikon, which hates water but has a great zoom. I also have a Pentax Optio W10 waterproof 6mp camera that also does video. Could be a great day.
    Just let me know when.
  16. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    Holy crap that is awesome :) Cheers man
  17. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    yea i got a waterproof olympus 725sw .....its what the video on the 'video page' was done with ...except the size and quality has been dropped down for viewing on the net .....does an ok job.
  18. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    how much does one of these cameras cost....... $
  19. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    mine was about $600 ...its a digital camera that does video too ...not a proper video camera.....

    but its waterproof to 5 meters deep ...with no extra casing or anything.
  20. CHENZO

    CHENZO Member

    Im from the Naki, but id drive the length of the country for a ride!
    Im still working on a ski but if worst comes to worst il bring my homo chariot and take photos. Will see how we go with dates etc.