Kim Dotcom

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aquanob, April 27, 2012.

  1. Aquanob

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  2. steve K-B

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    "Street racing legend" ...sure thing buddy.

    I love the Nurburgring but the only cool thing to watch in that was the cinematography
  3. casey

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    they even have NZ plates on them!
  4. Aquanob

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    Yea he has the cars on a carnet and flys all his shit over to germany during our winter, well he use to anyway.
  5. T Bear

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    till does
  6. dax

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  7. jet ski bum

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    And spends the summer here burning up our tax payers money with trivial shit re how he gets arrested while hiding under the umbrella of a low key country. Really if our country and govt are so bad he needs his lawyers to sue them, consideration should be given to giving him a free ticket out of here one way.
    Nice cars and video though.
  8. steve K-B

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    The government are the ones who fucked the whole thing up, not Kim.
  9. dax

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    Yeah, are you serious? Megaupload was a legitimate cloud storage business which was shut down without warning or any due process. Kim was shafted and the NZ government held his butt cheeks so the US hit squad could take turns. Kim dotcom is an easy target since he doesn't exactly live up to the wholesome American image, but the reality is what he does with the money he earns is his business, just ask John banks.
    Kim isn't a criminal, the way that he has been dealt with is criminal though. They should save taxpayers a shitload and just forget it.

    ...think posting online after taking painkillers may be worse than posting drunk?
  10. Aquanob

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    Exactly! Could not agree more.
  11. The General

    The General Member is opening up his doors for targa nz . Legend . Wonder if he's ok if we do a gymkhana on his lawn. Norm you keen . Only if you knew somebody that lived on your road that had a new BMW race car we could use....
  12. Aquanob

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    haha come on steve
  13. steve K-B

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    Haha Hell Yeah!! ill be there with my car on display, Kim and I are tight buds. Hes waved to me like three times... although twice when I was dressed as a giant Giraffe...

    Tickets are $25 so thats a drag, will put a lot of people turning up for a look.

    If any one wants a ride in it just give me a PM, Ill be doing lots of smaller events through out the year.

    Three years a go:



  14. Aquanob

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    Yep, me and Pauly are in, maybe we dress up as short giraffes