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    I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Krash Industries Huck'n Hold event last weekend in Melbourne. Was an absolute cracker. Great location down on the Mornington Peninsular facing into the Bass Straight.

    Its a Rip'n Ride style event where they have freeride competition going on in one section and then a general freeride section next to it. Saturdays surf and weather was average. It was biggish but nothing like what we get in NZ (funny cause all the Auzzies were saying "Its f*king massive!!"). Sunday was a cracker, nice surf (maybe a bit small) but sunshine and a nice offshore wind.

    Some pics:


    Butch and his signature No-Handed Barrel Roll

    Nick Barton under-rotating his double barrel roll attempt in Sickest Trip comp

    Mitch Young busting a superflip

    Mick Anthony a his self invented "Flex-flip"

    Mick Anthony throwing out his "Flex-Roll"

    Mitch Young and his "Heel Clicker Superflip" that won Sickest Trick

    Plenty more photos are available at the following links or on Facebook.
    Saturday -
    Sunday -

    We're gonna have to step up our game here to keep up with these boys. They are pushing the limits thats for sure.

    First thing is organizing a NZ event, something I trust you ALL will get along and support. We might not be able to chew off everything in one hit but rest assured I'm sure we can put on something awesome.
  2. tofa

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    Looks like a great few days Dick...What hull is Mitch Young on?
  3. dickwebb

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    A "well used" JB-1
  4. knoxie

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    those are some awesome pics you got there!!!! looks like awesome event, how many entrants??
  5. Aquanob

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    Well used and still the best hull on earth
  6. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    Heaps. Thats all I can say. Here is a pic of the riders photo might give you some idea on entry numbers.


    He certainly knows how to ride it thats for sure!!