FoF6 - Aus Godfather

Discussion in 'NZ Festival of Freeride' started by dickwebb, January 22, 2018.

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    Its with great pleasure that we welcome Butch Pfrengle, the Godfather of Australian Freeride to this year's event. Butch has been instrumental in the promotion of freeride in Australasia running things like the OzFreeride forum, FB pages and, most notably, the organiser and driving force behind the ever successful Cronulla Rip'N Ride . Late last year saw the running of the 10th annual event - an absolute testament to his hard work and dedication.

    Butch knows how to throw down on the water as well. By far his signature no-handed barrel roll is one of the best in the business so if you want to learn how its done then he's the man to talk to at the FoF.

    Welcome Butch and lets ride!!!