DAlusion Day/Whitiang festival of speed

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by Shopper, October 22, 2009.

  1. Shopper

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    Pauanui and Whanga two days over summer holidays dates to be confirmed, Sponsor is Whitianga festival of speed (we are the teaser to the 2010 festival of speed)

    I reckon we do a cherry popper.
    A little competition like sickest trick
    and smoke the world record set by aussies for most backflips on one wave.


    let me know thoughts.
  2. Aquanob

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    Helll yeah!
  3. Flan

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  4. Whale

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    Cool sounds great, the last one was epic.
    how many was the record in OZ?
  5. Aquanob

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  6. wingie

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    Sweet this could be the perfect excuse for a road trip to come up and ride with you guys
  7. SOX

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    Fuck yea- cherry popper in aus was the best event of the day!
  8. ScottyRocker

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    Yeah wingie you could be onto something
  9. fx1xtc

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    I'm in ball bag
  10. hbc rider

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    Im keen , the ski should be going next week.
  11. knoxie

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    any indication on when the dates might be yet??
  12. Aquanob

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    Re: jnb

    Yeah right!
  13. Aquanob

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    Yeah right!
  14. Re: jnb

    How's that punisher going? You must have the biggest arsehole ever, that even gay guys call you a slut!
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    Re: jnb

    BURN!! :twisted:
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