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    So I picked up an X2 off trademe with a motor, westcoast pipe, and a bad bones waterbox. The hull is in pretty good condition (ugly paint) but it has a pretty cool 2mm aluminum plate running all the way down the center of the hull. I'm guessing the last owner was into river running which is pretty good because I plan to do that too (save the WDK from getting beat up).

    I also grabbed another hull, a pump and a skat #5 prop from SimonFX1.

    The plan is to throw the two together into one ski with the above parts.
    -650 (swap from the mikuni round body BN's to something better)
    -still looking for an intake grate and a ride plate (neither hull had one)
    -new battery
    -shave the hood hump
    -new turf
    -new seat cover
    -rule500 bilge pump
    -convert to yami start stop switch with laynard
    -fix awful hacked up wiring
    -convert from thumb to hand throttle
    -convert x2 trim system to handle bar levers

  2. SirMrManGuy

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    So far I've stripped everything out of the engine bay and began cleaning the gunk out. I'll paint the engine bay so it looks nice and fresh, and there is a crack or two I'll glass over.

    I also found three completely broken engine mounts and a seized mid shaft bearing as well.

    BTW if anyone has any good parts for these things sitting around collecting dust, I'm probably interested. I'd really like to convert the carbs to a single 44SBN if anyone has one.

    Any ideas on paint/graphics/wrap. My garage is pretty bad for painting in (too dirty and full of other vehicles) so I've been leaning towards some rolls of vinyl wrap from TradeMe, but I've never done it before. Anyone ever use this stuff before on a ski?
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    i have a kawa alu finger throttle i dont need ,whats your adress i will send it to you
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    First post on these forums, I nearly bought that ski! Thought it had potential to be quite good. Need to finish my current x2 before I start another. Looking forward to see how it turns out.

    I also have a bunch of 650 x2 and sx parts around. If you need parts. However like you I had a hull but no rideplate and had to get one from the states $15 usd for the plate. $60 USD shipping. Intake grate is the same as a SX however. Know a few people who might have a spare one if your interested I can PM you some numbers.
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    Smidthy, if it makes you feel any better the wiring was a fire waiting to happen. I'm going on a trip to the US in a few weeks, so I'll try and smuggle some pieces back in my luggage.

    Simon, sent you an email.

    Hull after two cans of degreaser.
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    Yea I remember seeing a bit of chockie block hanging off the side on the trade me pics. And wondered what was going on. Electrics are easy (I'm a marine sparky)

    Lucky you, you'll get the parts you need cheap as easily worth the extra luggage fees.

    Would love to do that and get a umi steering system.
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    Bloody awesome to see these are still a little popular. I am in the process of building one as well. You can get graffix kits from AMR in the states. They are not cheap but look awesome. I would say i race ya to see who gets there's done first but i will lose as work is killing me at the moment. This is my third old school X2. I had an 06 800 X2 that i sold.
    I am after a hood or more specifically the intake vent tubes off the hood. After two of them if anyone has some laying around. Good luck with the builds.
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    James, you mean the rubber tube bits? I'm gonna chop the hood and put in some new pvc vents so I might not need mine.

    I also have an entire spare hull which I got off Simon that I'll let go cheap as. Has a few holes in it the bottom but the hood is OK (standard x2 cracks around the hinge).

    Seen the amr graphics, I like them but after factoring in exchange rate it's $500nz which is a bit steep for this ski and it will still need a paint job under them.
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    True about price and still having to paint. I actually want the external nostril pieces on the outside of the hood. I was just going to glass something up but if i could get them it would save me the hassle. Can you flick me some pics of the hull to jamesrandell@hotmail.com I could be keen at the right dollars. Not that i need another hull. I gave one away a few years ago to a local guy because i didn't think i would have another one of these. Just cant help myself.
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    I'll try and shoot you an email later. Might be a bit of time before I can get you sorted, since I'm leaving this friday till the 17th.

    In the mean time, here is what I'm thinking for graphics. Going a bit 80s retro. Going to order a custom Hydroturf seat cover in Black, Blue CF and Yellow.

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    Not in a hurry here at all. I haven't even seen the inside of my garage for the last four weeks at all. Not sure what i am going to do with mine hull wise yet. I am thinking something a little bit different though.