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    One of the biggest issue of freeriding in the surf is water flooding into the engine bay when the Blaster is turtled up. This is caused by the 2 OEM breather hoses being to short . And even worse, a lot of these hoses are cut shorter to allow clearance on mod pipes and air boxes . These breathers tubes are important for feeding the motor with plenty of air and in no way should be removed or blocked off. 701IND has done some much needed R&D on this and are stoked to finally fix this issue once and for all and bring a full bolt on kit to the market. Once fitted, you will not have to stress when you see your Blaster floating upside down after being pummel in the surf. Because these AirDown hoses go the bottom, so when inverted they are way above the waterline. If you have a good hood seal , your engine bay will stay dry. These kits will cost $149.00 aud. The kit includes both top and bottom breather elbows, 4 in total , left and right PVC breather hoses, all mounting hardware and brackets. The fit up is super easy and should take about 30 minutes. Don't put up with this problem any more. Get your bad boy a AirDown system today.

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    Cool system Dave well priced to. Spose you only need to sell 20000 of them to make up for all the bits you give away to us at the freerides:D
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    So that must be about$130 nzd. ;)