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Discussion in 'User's Rides and Builds' started by beaker66, August 21, 2007.

  1. beaker66

    beaker66 Member

    I have spent winter putting foot holds in and returfing.
    Also renforced the engine bay with 2 layers of carbon.
    Put new fuel and water lines also new bow eye fittings and fixed the builge pump and made a new bracket out of s/s and put on a coffmans pipe and made up a limiting rope. here are some picks all the glassing was very time consuming but the turfing came out allright for first time.

    I just took my time with the turf and made a template out of cardboard for the deck, This made the turf fit nice and snug.

    Next winter I will do a 701 conversion but will have to save some money.
  2. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    Nice looking ski :) what footholds are you using?
  3. Vman

    Vman Member

    Wicked job with the carbon and turf :) how many meters of carbon did you use i might do mine
  4. Jet FiSH

    Jet FiSH Member

    Nice Man!
    You did a great job of the footholds and turf :wink:
  5. beaker66

    beaker66 Member

    Dam that your message got sent to hell I just spent 10min writing a message and it's all gone.
    Any way I used scraps of carbon fibre to do the first layer and about 2m for the final layer. And about 2.5l of epoxy resin.The turfing took up 2 sheets of turf, Remember to leave extra turf hanging out so you can wrap it into the footholds also use a heat gun on the turf to soften it up it molds a little easier. I got some footholds off trade me they look the same as the dalusion hold and are the same price.I have some left over suplies glass cloth,expanding foam, epoxy resin and some 10mm underlay for tray if some one is doing footholds and turf.

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