WaveBlaster 2 - 1100/1200 mounting

Discussion in 'Tech Discussion' started by Redtro, August 7, 2012.

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    Have been asked by a few about the conversion re motor mounts positioning / midshaft length.

    pics below demonstrating

    ... by cutting the internal hull mount plate I was able to dummy slide the motor mounted to exactly the right position to utilise mid shaft length.

    having the mounts fitted to the cases also allowed for accurate coupler alignment with only two shims reguired on final engine alignment.

    resin used was frm boat builders and very similar to the green factory stuff,...it allows for a little flex unlike the rigid fibre glassing of mounts.
    (apparently they glue keels onto yachts with it.

    completed it runs:
    12/18 solas prop with a superjet R&D toploader grate.- 155mm pump.
    motor: bore is 1 mm oversize, ported cases & cylinders, skimmed head, light flywheel and RIVA cdi. 38mm carbs with bit of jetting and extra air intake.
    It's really quick, zero bogging and pleasingly economical



  2. nice job! looks fairly straight forward.

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