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    Hi all.

    This doubles as my 'Hello all. Im new to the forum', as well as a 'I broke my ski and need some parts'.

    1)I have an FX-1 basically stock that I'm still learning on. A few years ago I bought a cheap ski on TM. Didnt even know what a standup was at the time. It was a JS440 but it came as 4 boxes of bits so I named it Shrapnel. Spent a year doing it up and got totally hooked about 5 minutes into my first ride. Last year I saw an FX-1 and after googling to find out what it was, decided had to have it.

    2)Hottest Summer ever, long Christmas holiday and busted my ski.
    The midshaft and driveshaft let go last ride and during disassembly found wear ring housing is also cracked. The housing looks like old damage, but even if I had noticed it I would have still bought this cool little ski.
    I have a new midshaft and a wear ring but cant find a driveshaft.

    So either. Has anyone got a driveshaft for an FX1 or know a cheapish way to repair the splines?
    Or has anyone got an old Kawi 650 140mm pump stuffed away somewhere that they might part with, to save me getting one in from the States, for a conversion.
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    Have you tried Australian Jetski Parts ?

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