WANTED: Blaster 1 Pipe

Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by Meridius, February 8, 2018.

  1. Meridius

    Meridius New Member

    After a pipe for my blaster (factory, riva, protec), would prefer to buy a kit (manifold, pipe, chamber, jets etc) but hard to find anything! On a side note how hard would it be to modify a SJ one to fit? I see liquidfix has a sj factory kit for sale. Can cut/weld just don't know how it differs in a Blaster/ don't really want to hack up a brand new chamber.
  2. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    If you're running low on options I have a RIVA Raider pipe in my shed, you will need to go to a waterbox under the seat however. I think I also have a waterbox that would suit too.

  3. LiquidFix

    LiquidFix Member

    I have some blaster limited chambers available so can make up a nice blaster pipe.
    Call me on 0211489711.
    Liquidfix Watercraft

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