WANTED a pair of 44mm carbs

Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by A.J, December 1, 2009.

  1. A.J

    A.J New Member

    Wanting 44 or 46mm carbs with linkage etc. Oem with stock filters would make my christmas. I have carbs kits for these so thay don't need to be mint.
    Whats out there?

    Any big singles carbs ? 48-49mm

    Pm me if you want sell.
  2. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Lucas is selling a special manifold to change 62t to single carb setup for freeriding, its on tademe.
  3. Whale

    Whale Member

    Ive got a protec intake to suit 44s
  4. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Lincolns got a set of new 44s on an r&d manifold for $700. 09 4151479
  5. A.J

    A.J New Member

    I have a R&D manifold already , thanks for the offers.
  6. Redtro

    Redtro Member

    ... you will need the two box separate air boxes (I think) as the aftermarket manifolds make the carbs sit closer together... also the SJ twincarb standard airboxes have only 3 attaching bolts - airbox off raider or blaster II has 4.

    I have complete 44mm (genuine linkages and everything) and both options of airboxes... Im not sure if I want to sell them yet ...( may be persuaded)... however you are welcome to borrow them AJ
  7. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Cancel that they are not for sale now
  8. waxhead

    waxhead Member

    I have a set of oem 760 on manifold with stock aircleaner
    Will let them go for 500 aussie shipped
    I have been inside and checked them they are in great condition but you could rebuild them if you wanted
  9. waxhead

    waxhead Member

    Oh and on another point if you have the r&d intake with the caqrbs close together then ethier throw it out or sell it to some one you dont liek
    they give uneven fueling and blow your engine

    Every one who has one of these manifolds on there engine start it up and measure the difference between cylinder temps
  10. Buy local from someone you know that way you won't have problems later on.

    Check with Roger he's back in NZ soon (next week i think) and has a stash of stuff still.
  11. waxhead

    waxhead Member

    MM I was wondering how long it would take
  12. A.J

    A.J New Member

    I have the manifold that looks like it's 122mm between centres ,so that's more than the stock one wax is quoting @ 118mm on the ozfreeride forum -so I am quessing that it's a good one.
    Thanks Retro will txt sometime.
    Been in touch with Roger thanks.
  13. waxhead

    waxhead Member

    The 122 centre ones are fine
    its the ones that are less than 118 that are the issue
    They are down on power as well as a great way to destroy engines
  14. Garry

    Garry Member

    To redtro does the ski i bought off u have this manifold the intakes do seem close?
  15. There are plenty of R&D heads out there and this may only affect one type (early model) i don't know.

    I'd call Lincoln 09 4151479 and ask his opinion on the carb spacing, i know plenty of people that run the R&D Inlet manifold without problems on race boats. I would have thought if it was a problem it would raise it's head in these conditions.
  16. waxhead

    waxhead Member

    Great advice, what could possibly go wrong
  17. Wax i would have thought the a company like R&D that would have spend millions on Rearch and devolopement work prior to releasing a product would have found this as a problem prior to releasing it to the public.I know these manifolds are currently being using on many a race boat without problems.

    Like anything it comes down to the tuning of the boat, maybe what you have experanced in the past with these is in fact poor setup rather than a product failure, who knows.

    Garry and Retro more than likely has run this setup and on this ski for along time with no issues like many others with these manifolds, but if you know better than a large company specilising in these products well who knows.
  18. waxhead

    waxhead Member

    Jeff the thing is your not reading. Im saying narrow r&d manifolds
    your just saying r&d manifolds, if your judgement was not clouded by your real intent then you would actually realize I am talking about the narrow ones
    The dyno tests have shown these manifolds to be down 1.5 hp a cylinder on the dyno, This was proven back in the day by the yamaha race team themselves.

    The fact that R&d changed there manifolds years ago to a 118 design shows that they infact realised they had an issue.

    Yes there are plenty of people using r&d intake manifolds on race boats.
    There isn't to many people using the the narrow one.

    I wonder how many millions they spent testing the reed stuffers before they released them to the market and every one went 5mph slower

    Or maybe the r&d head thats known for cracking domes so they actually had to make a special set for the race boats so they could finish a race

    Im done with this thread, make up your own mind run narrow or wide its up to you, Its not my pistons
    Maybe Jeff will spring for a pair if/when you melt down
  19. Redtro

    Redtro Member

    Garry... your manifold is the narrower one.
    It's been on various skis and carb set ups for years and years without ever experiencing any above mentioned problems.
    I've only surfridden and never raced. (?)
    ... and obviously you haven't had any either?
  20. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Fuck what a bunch of faggots, I run stock everything and my ski is the fastest in N.Z, Anyone wanna race for pinkslips, lets get animal.
    I'm riding while you fags are talking about manifolds ahahahhahahah

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