So whens the next ride?

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by Rick XP, June 25, 2007.


Whos keen for mangawhai next weekend?

  1. Yeah count me in for saturday and sunday

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  2. Yeah count me in for 1 day

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  3. Nah im a pussy and and my mummy said no!

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  1. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    Looking at going to mangawhai on the 7-8 july.
  2. Jet FiSH

    Jet FiSH Member

    Keen! I'm still relient on rents to get places :? anyone av a tandem with some avail skids?
  3. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    Yea im keen...hopefully weather will improve by this weekend!! I think most the dalusion guys are keen to ride this weekend!
  4. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    keen as to ride again but mangawai mite be a bit to far for day trip for me. keen for port waikato or pauanui.
  5. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    Its too bloody cold down those ways. Mangawhai is sooo much warmer
  6. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    yeah im keen as to try some of this :lol:


    Shot with DSC-P73.
  7. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    hell yea mate love to watch that sort of carry on :lol:
  8. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    If you wanted to we could make a weekend of it. i can use the batch up there and can sleep and shit load of people with heaps of parking.

    Anyone keen to make a weekend of it this weekend or next weekend at mangawhai??
  9. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    i cant make it this weekend as my ski is still in the shop. We will plan it for next weekend.
  10. May be able to make it for the saturday only, cant stay for sunday.
  11. Rumble

    Rumble Member

    Keen for next weekend! I need to get my car back together but its too cold outside and I am being a wuss....
  12. DIGGER

    DIGGER Member

    Maan, we need more peeps down here.
  13. thornton

    thornton Member

    im keen to go for a weekend... holidays at the end of the week so i'm free whenever
  14. Jet FiSH

    Jet FiSH Member

    :D :D Yeh Man Holidays! nothin but ski, sleep, study and ski. and a bit of work here and there!

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