PNC FREERIDE Is anyone keen to have a ride at Akitio

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by wetbike massive, October 3, 2014.

  1. Looking into organising a bit of a ride at akitio seeing who may be interested. There is accomidation for upto 48 people its $25 pp per night in the community hall there is a hall drinks fridges and kitchen facilities there. the surf is genrally pretty good if its not just bring enough to drink and it will be a good time. could have it for friday and saturday or just a sat night so we could head out and ride sat avo stay sat night an ride sunday.

    avaliable weekends are 8th nov, 22nd nov , or first few weekends in dec

    0276322147 is my number

    just post thoughts on here

  2. casey

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  3. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    Book it and they will come
  4. sherm

    sherm New Member

    im in for 22nd
  5. I have booked the Akitio community hall for Saturday the 22nd Nov 2014, sleeps upto 48 people in dorm rooms.

    The plan will be head out saturday for a ride, stay in the community hall which is fully self contained, then get rid of the hangover by getting back on the water sunday.

    If any people need accomidation friday we can sort something out as a few of us may head out friday night

    please let me know if anyone is interested
  6. Flan

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    Yer im keen. Do I have to bring a banjo or one of my relatives to keep me warm. I just want to fit in that's all..;)
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  7. Flan bringing your own banjo would be recommended. But I am out there tonight and have spoken to a local farmer and he has agreed to loan you something off the farm for $5 a night
  8. SirMrManGuy

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    Still on for the 22nd? I'm in, probably come down friday night after work

  9. Yea definatly still on for the 22nd dan get in touch man we may still be in palmy friday night
  10. Starty

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    Ive got a pass out for the weekend, ill see how many of the hawkes bay boys i can drag down with me. whoop whoop
  11. This is all go for next weekend staying at the hall sat 22nd of nov $25 per head

    currently we have a few definates is anyone else keen if you are post here or get in touch

  12. SirMrManGuy

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    Great, hopefully get out of work around 4:30 and start driving straight from there. Stopping in Palmy for the night would be good, splits up the drive
  13. tofa

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    Sorry cant make this trip...Life is starting to really get in the way of fun these days lol

    Have a good one
  14. Starty

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    We got Seven skis coming from Hawkes Bay! yeah boi!
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  15. awesome man if any of you natives from up there are any good at gathering kaimoana with a snorkel bring it and maybe the local iwi will let us grab a bit of dinner from the sea
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    I'm going to be the first to admit I have no idea what you're talking about. Is this the native equivalent of simply "catching fish"? Or some other sea activity?. I even went as far as searching for it on the website (Yes - believe it or not there is a website for our native tongue haha). The result didn't help:

    1.(noun) seafood, shellfish.
    Ānō he karoro e topa ana i runga i ngā kaimoana (TP 12/1903:4). / Like a black-backed gull soaring above seafood.
  17. Just going for a dive for paua/ crafish / fish. Just something else to do if there isnt much surf but surf looking ok
  18. Flan

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    I'm going to be the first to admit I have no idea what you're talking about.

    This is because you are a dumb white boy with no respect for Tungatofenowa. Loosely translated it means.. Send the wife up the road for fish and chips. If she refuses get her to cook some eggs. She will never refuse to do that... It is a great culture once you get to understand it.
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