Muriwai on Sunday

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by Face, August 29, 2014.

  1. Face

    Face Member

    Hey all,

    Thinking of riding at Muriwai on Sunday for anyone thats keen let me know

  2. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    what time tayne?
  3. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    Shit. Would've been keen to come up but don't have the time tomorrow unfortunately. Will have to take a rain check on that and, if its not howling with wind and pouring down, probably head out for a quick squirt locally. Next time though. Cheers.
  4. Face

    Face Member

    High tide is 1 so in the morning some time. What time suits you Knoxie?
  5. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    cool, do the early thing, 9am, see you there
  6. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Surf was Siiick, what a great crew that turned up, Tayne dialling one hand one foot flips, Blasters everywhere, hey Knoxie...Grow some!!
  7. Face

    Face Member

    Sweet ride, good to see Norm back on a pole ski. Shame you were to much of a lazy fuck to come Flan..
  8. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    He wasn't lazy. Whilst you were riding he was ***busy***

    *** edited due to possible repercussions that would endanger Flans plans to attend the Rip'n Ride this year ***
    Last edited: September 1, 2014
  9. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    haha awsome

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