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Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by Rumble, April 30, 2008.

  1. Rumble

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    The time has come to sell the mighty FX1... I'm very reluctant to do so as it has a lot of history and is awesome to ride. I am just spending too much having 3 skis in my garage...

    Engine was rebuilt about July 2007
    Mikuni 44 Carb which was rebuilt about October. Runs a 145 main
    Stock Head, stock compression
    The exhaust and intake ports have been matched
    Boyesen Pro Series Carbon Reeds (new 2007)
    HotRod crank (new 2007)
    Adjustable Rev Limit
    SOLAS Stainless Prop, surf pitch for an FX1 (from memory 16/21?)
    UMI Bars
    Pro-tec Intake Grate
    Riva Rideplate
    Pole has been shortened like 5-6"
    Dalusion footholds
    New stickers and mat in December
    I've probably left stuff out.

    If purple isn't your colour I will happily repaint the hull white.
    Has been my spare ski since January

    Offers. 021 153 8350 or send me a PM
    P.S. what is the deal with trademe wanting $78 to sell a ski?!



  2. spudz

    spudz New Member

    round what price u looking for?
  3. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    What? $78 to sell your ski?? Those guys are just rip off kunts nowdays! better just to sell all your crap on dalusion where everything is free ay.
  4. I listed mine just last week for $39 cars have gone up too, it used to be $19 not that long ago
  5. waxhead

    waxhead Member

    Great looking ski
  6. fx1xtc

    fx1xtc Member

    Bro are you wanting aroung 4k for your ski. I have a fx1 pretty stock tho. I have heard great things about your ski and at 4k its a steal when can i look at it mate
  7. Rumble

    Rumble Member

  8. MadMitchJones

    MadMitchJones New Member

    looks good bump !

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