FOF 4 TV coverage.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Magnum P.I., February 29, 2016.

  1. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    Does anybody know when the maori tv coverage is on?
  2. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    Hopefully, I will hear from Maori TV over the next few days and post up with then coverage will be aired. All going well I will get a copy of the footage of the show so no one misses out. Keep you posted.
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  3. simofx-1

    simofx-1 Member

    hows this shit coming along?
  4. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    Nothing yet. Maori TV are still scheduling when the show will actually air. Once they have definitive info they'll let us know. The show is supposed to be called GRID.
  5. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    Cheers Dick.

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