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  1. DalusionFWX

    DalusionFWX Administrator Staff Member

    OK, we should probably get organised on this as it sounds like its going to be a good event as far as getting exposure of our sport to the public!!

    following on from these posts http://www.dalusionfwx.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?t=804 ..... we need to get a list together of people who are keen to participate .

    we will setup up a emailing list to keep everyone posted etc and pass onto Paul if need be, so send ya email details thru to info@dalusionfwx.co.nz or post here , or PM.

    At this stage it sounds like they want to have a freestyle exhibition before the powerboat racing, which may consist of a V-wake.

    Paul has sent thru this flyer which describes the weekend, sounds like it should go off!!!!!!

  2. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    Im Keen! (I need to start practicing)
    mat.lyons@xtra.co.nz sounds like it should be an awesome weekend!
  3. Whale

    Whale Member


    Yep this will be great for our sport!!

    Im keen as! we need to meet up and do a few routines and try the V wake! Ive been doing a bit of practice, getting the flatwater barrel rolls down pretty good!! I know a few people with wake boats ill try sus somthing out!
  4. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    That sounds like a good idea whale, we need to meet at tuakua sometime and sort things out. It should be one epic weekend. what is everyone gonna do as far as accommodation is concerned.
  5. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    I'm in, cant wait to see Freestylin doin some tricks!
  6. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    I got tail stands down :) might even do a fountain!
  7. hbc rider

    hbc rider Member

    Ive got a wake boat but want be back in the nz till the 22nd march.
  8. ScottyRocker

    ScottyRocker Member

    Have to have a few skis on show with a BIG dalusion banner or something
  9. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    Not a bad idea....
  10. Whale

    Whale Member

    We have about six weeks to go for this event, its probly time we got somthing sorted? Is it going to be in the waterways or on the main beach? Is the V wake thing going to work where its being held?
  11. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    yeah apparently they were thinking of having the freestlye jetskin before or after the offshore powerboat racing....so would be at the main beach ...which i believe is more of a bay than a surf beach ....im not sure how close to shore it will be a suitable depth for wake boats/ launches....

    also there was a mention of freestyle jetsking before/after the jetsprint boats in the canals............which i think the idea was for flatwater freestyle.....i think now they mite be having jetski racing instead...not sure...
  12. Whale

    Whale Member

    Any more news on this? Anyone keen for a freestyle friday nite ride at Tuakau?? Bust out some sweet tail stands and maby a sub or two.
  13. Rumble

    Rumble Member

    went around to Devans this evening.. Jetpilot is keen to get in behind Dalusion next year for this event, in some form or another. Also had some ideas if not so lucky with the surf.

    He showed me some of the 2010 range while I was there, I only got a few bits but there is some cool stuff, one of interest was the Yamaha / Jetpilot range - a range with both Yamaha & Jetpilot labels... When it is released in NZ he said if we have a few people keen he will do us a deal - might even get some dalusion print added to the gear...
  14. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    He needs to give us the hell deals or free is even better, cash will be needed from people like this to pay for a couple of new cameras which we need to make HD videos.

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