Azzas 97 Super J

Discussion in 'User's Rides and Builds' started by azzman, January 8, 2009.

  1. azzman

    azzman New Member

    Bought this, my first, a year ago of a bloke called Ippy, some of you aussies might know him, from newcastle I think?

    Dont know much about motor internals apart from its a 760.

    Factory B-Pipe
    Kevlar lined hull, blowsion battery box, scupper, bilge.
    Wamiltons footholds and turf, limiting rope.
    Billet everything, latches, pole bracket, UMI steering plate, Kenny keepers etc
    Worx intake grate and ride plate.
    Shortened pole, bars, carbon fibre chin pad.

    Is a bit rough around the edges at mo, will give it a make over once i decide on a paint and graffics scheme.


  2. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    How much do you pay for that over in Aussie?
  3. azzman

    azzman New Member

    paid $6000
  4. azzman

    azzman New Member

    How much do they go for back there? (Im originally from New Plymouth)
  5. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    Probably between 6 an 7g for something with most of the good bits. A bit more for a minter..
  6. azzman

    azzman New Member

    Our line up. Ranging from 97 - 07.
    Yellow and blue modded 760's, black ones 701's, minor mods.


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