96 Blaster 1

Discussion in 'For Sale & Wanted' started by Aquanob, June 22, 2010.

  1. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    I have a red blaster 1 for sale on behalf of a freind, it just came from the south island and is stock apart from a modified seat, primer, bars and throttle and an intake and rideplate, he is only the second owner and it looks like it is brand new, the engine sounds like it has done less than 100 hours, it is mint $4000 ono.
  2. ScottyRocker

    ScottyRocker Member

    Got any pics man, im sorta on the look out for a decent blaster, hasnt been many come up for sale down here lately
  3. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Dont have pics but can get them i guess, its a genuine twin carb model, best condition i have ever seen a blaster in.
  4. Flan

    Flan Well-Known Member

    Come on now there is know way it is more mint than mine. Mine looks like it just came from the fatory. :roll:
  5. You sell that Blaster Paully can get a new one when he moves here :)
  6. ROD

    ROD Member

    Abbo are you getting a new friend to play with soon? :lol:
  7. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    He needs one cause nobody over there likes him lol
  8. Rod all the smart ones move here son......you'll all be here one day. Norm's just pissed as he's not allowed to come and play :)
  9. ROD

    ROD Member

    So I quess you were just leading the charge?!?
  10. Leading the exodus before you get overrun with Asians
  11. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    and russians
  12. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    good call norm
  13. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    think the russians may be headin to OZ
  14. We have enough here now, they own Sovereign Islands.

    You can keep Norm & the Russians.....we're FULL
  15. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Russians and Aussies, the perfect mix.

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