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Discussion in 'Tech Discussion' started by steveo, June 17, 2015.

  1. steveo

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    People of the jetski world what is the best 2 stroke oil to use in a pwr valve ss 900 xscream motor have been using redline that is a bit it is expensive I only use the ski in flat water any suggestions
  2. dickwebb

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    Steveo, you're probably going to get a bunch of different answers on that one - Everyones got an opinion. Unfortunately I don't think there is an easy answer to your question. I'm not sure what you mean by best? The ultimate would be running something like Motul Powerjet 2-stroke marine oil but some may say otherwise. The redline stuff you've been using is probably quite good as well (obviously by your comment of its expensive).

    Personally I run plain 'ole Valvoline 2-stroke Marine Outboard oil (NMMA TC-W3) in my Dasa 1100. I haven't had any issues with it gumming up powervalves or running horrendously filthy. Fairly cheap too and easy to get (Supercheap / Repco). I've always run this oil in high revving race motors and never had any issues either.

    Some of the blokes in Auzzie (the ones with the dasas, TPE's etc) swear by a product called Maxima Super-M. Its a 2-stroke racing oil. Not sure whether its much better than Valvoline or not. But its certainly not in the expensive category. I chatted with Watty once about oils and he runs (in TPE's etc) whatever he can get his hands on and doesn't matter how cheap it is.

    In then end you'll be pulling it down and rebuilding it well before any components give out from running a supposed lesser quality oil. I'm only speaking from my experience though. Other thing to note is the ratio you're mixing at. I'm at 40:1 with the Valvoline for my Dasa. Was 32:1 in race motors. If you switch I'd recommend staying around the 40:1 mark.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. steveo

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    Hi I have just rebuilt my motor and I have run it in with valvoline oil redline is to slippery and I am running it at 40 to 1 mineral oil just a bit smokey thank for your input cheers
  5. T Bear

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    We always run twc3 regardless of price or brand as jetski motors dont run hot enough to burn off the additives in normal 2 stroke oil
    Only my opinin
  6. NickM

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    I've always used Yamalube without issues. Theres two types of it, one with a sort of detergent for use in 2 strokes with catalytic converters, and one without, which is what I use. After thats run out, I'm gonna make the change to Motul synthetic stuff.....a bit more pricey, but its good stuff.

    My friend who races Honda RS125 GP bikes uses this high end Elf stuff. A well known 2 stroke bike tuner / builder called 'Wobbly' says its the only 2 stroke oil he'd use.....and this dude used to build 2 strokes for motogp teams way back, so hes know his shit. But as above, what T Bear said sounds about right. I don't think the 2 stroke engines we use are that 'demanding' in terms of lubrication requirements, and I'm sure you won't run into any issues no matter what you run, as long as it isn't some warehouse bargain bin rubbish!

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